Things to do at Time Changes!!

Most experts suggest we use Daylight Savings time and Standard time changes as a reminder to change your smoke detector batteries. Did you change your smoke detector batteries last week? And, just as important as your smoke alarm, do you have a carbon monoxide detector installed? I ask you because many more people will suffer from this silent & deadly gas as they will from the smoke of a fire. Please do yourself and your family a favor and make sure you have both.

While you are taking care of this, do you have a small portable fire extinguisher ready? With more candles being burned in the winter and more wood burning fireplace usage, it is also important to have a dependable fire extinguisher in your kitchen and near other fire hazards.

Protect your family and make sure you have all 3 checked and ready.

Because we Care!


Ed Cantu


p.s. Please share these safety tips with someone you care for… I just did!