September is National Life Insurance Awareness Month!

Danica Patrick of “Life Happens” reminds us September is Life Insurance Awareness month so now is a great time to remind you that Life Happens when you are ready and when you are not!

So, Are you ready?

Will you take care of your loved ones after you are gone?

Procrastination is no excuse for not being prepared so Watch this brief message from Danica Patrick and then call me at 361 991-1493 today!

Because We Care

Ed Cantu

Ed Cantu Insurance Agency

P.S. The best things in life are free but your mortgage and monthly responsibilities are not.  “Get Life”… write it down and better yet, do it know.  Call Ed Cantu at (361) 991-1493 now or Click here

Happy Labor Day!

Today we celebrate Labor Day… Did you know on June 28, 1894, Congress passed an act making the first Monday in September of each year a legal holiday?

At that time, the average American worked 12-hour days and seven-day weeks to earn a basic living.  Children as young as 5- 6 years old worked in factories and mines and it was not until 1916 that the Adamson Act established the 8-hour work day.

Labor Day was viewed as the unofficial last day of vacation before the start of the new school so, take some time during this last summer hurrah to relax, enjoy the family, and enjoy the end of summer!

Happy Labor Day

Ed Cantu