2018 Hurricane Season is Here!

ARE YOU Ready?

The 2018 Hurricane season begins June 1st but the first named Storm already caused havoc along the upper Gulf of Mexico coast. Now is your time to act since professional forecasters are expecting another active hurricane season. So, are you ready?

Hurricane Harvey is proof a small tropical wave can turn into a full blown Category 4 Hurricane and 130 mph winds or more with little warning. Do yourself and your family a favor and start your plan now!

Your Checklist of what You need to do first:

• Review and improve your Windstorm Insurance

Do you or someone you know still have a policy with the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association?  Do you know that the Texas Department of Insurance fears TWIA is financially unstable so they’ve encouraged insurance agents like me to help them depopulate TWIA’s policyholders?

Think I’m am kidding?

When a KRIS 6 news reporter asked TWIA… “What happens if a hurricane hits Texas this year?  Will TWIA have the money to pay back to back claims?”  The TWIA representative’s reply will send chills up you spine… “It remains to be seen.  There are things obviously that we need to consider?” Click below and watch for yourself!

Don’t risk everything you’ve worked so hard for and hope that TWIA will find the money to replace your home and precious belongs!  We offer an alternative Windstorm, Hurricane and Hail policy with a financially sound company at rates that are up to 15% less than TWIA’s rates!

My team of professional home and windstorm insurance specialist are ready to help you determine your best protection and offer alternative protection to save up to 37% on your home, wind, and flood insurance!  Call us today at (361) 991-3575 or click  now for your personal protection review.

Because we care,

Ed Cantu

P.S. Windstorm, Hurricane and Hail protection is the first step you must take to make sure you are ready for Hurricane Season.  I will keep you abreast throughout the season.