Flood Awareness Week

May 22-26, 2023
2023 TFMA is Flood Awareness Week
Wednesday, May 24 – Wear Blue Wednesday!

The 3 Most Common Types of Flooding:

Flash Flooding- A flash flood is typically caused by heavy rainfall, evolving in 6 hours or less. It often occurs in urban areas where impervious surfaces prevent water from infiltrating the soils.

River Flooding- A River flood occurs when a river or creek overflows its banks and spreads onto the floodplain, sometimes impacting nearby structures or roadways.

Areal Flooding- Areal Flooding is typically slower to evolve, developing in 6 or more hours. Typically areal Flooding occurs in low-lying or poor drainage areas.

The Texas Coast deals with a 4th type of Flooding.
Coastal Flooding- Coastal Flooding typically occurs when dry and low-lying land becomes submerged by seawater. The effect increases depending on the tide. Windstorms that occur during high tide can result in devastating storm surge flooding.

Each flood type can be devastating. Unfortunately, our Texas coastline floods often since we can suffer from all four types of Flooding simultaneously. Even more critical is this needed protection is excluded from your home insurance policy, so you must secure flood insurance protection today.

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