5 Back-to-School Driving Tips

Are You Ready?
The New School Year is Here!

Are you Ready for the new school year?

The end of summer vacation came too quickly for most children and not soon enough for some.  With summer vacations being over and the first school day for CCISD here, the increased traffic means different driving patterns and being extra careful when driving near schools!

According to a report by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, back-to-school time is the most dangerous time of year for pedestrians with 29 percent of pedestrian-related fatalities.  We’ve included 5 tips below to help keep you and kids safer as they head back to school.

Use these tips to set the example for others on the road.

1.  Respect the big yellow bus- Imagine being in a large car with 40 noisy 6th-graders.  Could be pretty stressful.  Do your part and make the bus drivers’ lives easier.  Yield when they are attempting to merge and maintain a significant distance behind them as they often make unexpected stops.  Make sure children know to walk in front of – never in back of – buses.

2.  Get in the zone- Speed limits in school zones are typically 15 mph. Abide by the limits and look out for pedestrians by keeping your foot ready to brake. (It goes without saying that school zones are home to newly licensed teenagers who are largely inexperienced).  Speed limits aren’t just for during school hours either – consider after-school marching band practice, late night football games and other events.  When dropping kids off, remember that curbs are reserved for buses and emergency vehicles so you shouldn’t loiter.

3.  Walk better- Drivers aren’t the only ones who need to obey the rules of the road.  A major driving pet peeve is pedestrians who jaywalk, cross at a red light, or text while walking.  More than an annoyance, this is a danger, especially in school zones.  According to the Safe Routes to Schools organization, 33 percent of youth pedestrian crashes are attributed to kids darting out into the road.  Remember to be a good pedestrian — cross at corners/marked crosswalks and in clear view, never between parked cars.  Remind your kids to do the same.

4.  A different kind of pool safety-  If you’re part of a carpool it’s up to you to remind your children/passengers that seat-belts are a must – no matter who they are driving with.  Not only are seat-belts the law, they save thousands of lives a year.

5.  Go back to school yourself- Even if you’ve been driving for 30 years, make time for a refresher course in safe driving…  Make it a family fun night with a quiz or lessons on things like making full stops at stop signs and red lights and other good habits.  Remember that distracted driving unfortunately didn’t end with the summer either so turn off/put down your cell phone while in the car.  While it’s an exciting time, getting back to school can be stressful, too.  Tolerance and defensive driving will get you everywhere you need to go safely.

6. Bonus Tip- Leave for work or school early and don’t be in a rush!

All of us here at Ed Cantu Insurance Agency wish you and your family a safe and fun back-to-school day. Post your best back-to-school photos on Facebook this week and tag Ed Cantu Insurance for your chance to win a $50 gift card for your back-to-school supplies.

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