Top 7 Black Friday Shopping Safety Tips to remember while you search for that perfect gift!

Here are key Holiday Season Shopping Safety Tips to better protect you and your loved ones:

1. Wear appropriate clothing Wear lighter color or reflective clothing and shoes with good traction that are comfortable.

2. Shop with a friend or family member- If you plan on shopping all day, consider taking somebody with you.  It’s more fun and:

  • Carrying many bags or packages can make you an easy target.
  • Consider leaving small children at home with someone, or taking someone with you to shop so they can help small children navigate safely through the parking lot.  (Pushing a stroller, carrying packages, watching your kids, and looking for car keys can be difficult and dangerous).

3. Shop during non peak timesWhen you can, shop on week days during the day when there are fewer shoppers and fewer cars.

4. Park further away from the store Parking Lots are congested .


  • Easier to back out of your parking space since there will be less car and pedestrian traffic.
  • You may be able to avoid unwanted door dings.
  • There’s more space for you and your family to exit and enter the vehicle.
  • You can burn off a few extra calories which isn’t a bad thing this time of year.

5. Pay attention to your surroundingsScan the area before leaving your car or the store.

  • Be on the lookout for anything that looks strange.  Keep an eye on the pavement to avoid potholes and falling.
  • Watch for elevation changes that could cause you to slip and fall.
  • If something doesn’t feel right, consider asking store staff or security for assistance.
  • Lastly, take out your earbuds and avoid texting or trying to make a phone call until you’re safely in the store or in your car.  Distracted shoppers are easy targets.

6. After Shopping, Inspect your car Before getting in your car, take a peak in the back seat to make sure a stranger isn’t waiting for you.

7. Hide your packagesIf you continue shopping, before you go to the next location, make sure the gifts you just purchased are out of plain sight from possible thieves.

Be sure and watch Roland Rodriguez as he interviews me about additional  parking lot safety while you shop this Holiday season.  Check out KRIS 6 TV at

Ed Cantu Insurance Agency wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving and a safe, memorable Holiday Season!

Because we care,

Ed Cantu

Texas Windstorm Insurance Actuarial Committee Directs Staff on Rate Increase!

TWIA’s Actuarial & Underwriting Committee met yesterday, October 17, to consider the development of recommendations to the Association’s Board of Directors concerning possible rate filings as permitted by law, rate adequacy issues, and strategies.

The Committee received both written and in-person testimony from the public on the Association’s rate adequacy analysis and reviewed and received a presentation from TWIA staff on the content of the rate adequacy analysis.

The Committee voted to direct TWIA staff to review issues raised by the Committee during the meeting and provide written comments to the Committee in order to allow it to meet again in time to formulate a recommendation to the TWIA Board to be considered at its December 10 quarterly meeting in Corpus Christi.

An archived recording of the meeting, its agenda, and meeting materials are available on the TWIA website at,E,X,T&H=5ce2b8e247c3c33ca3c89f7286be88dd833c8e3d.

If you have any questions, please contact our Communications & Legislative Affairs department at

Texas Windstorm Insurance Association

You should Avoid the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association and their possible rate increaseEd Cantu Insurance Agency can deliver your windstorm protection with a someone other than TWIA. Rates are up to 15% less than TWIA and Greater Discounts for homes built after 2006. Click to compare now!

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Ed Cantu




Secure Your Protection Before a Storm Hits!

An Important reminder from the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association and all Texas Coastal Property Insurers.

Dear Agent,

We are steadily approaching the height of hurricane season. One of the important measures policyholders and agents alike can take to be prepared is to make sure insurance coverage is in place well in advance of a storm that threatens the Texas coast – many insurance companies, including Texas Windstorm, stop writing coverage when there is an impending storm.

When does TWIA stop writing coverage?
As a reminder, no new or increased coverage applications will be accepted after a windstorm designated as a hurricane by the United States Weather Bureau is in the Gulf of Mexico or within the boundaries of 80 degrees west longitude and 20 degrees north latitude.

This rule is in effect until the TWIA General Manager determines that the storm no longer threatens property within the designated catastrophe area of the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association.


Texas Windstorm Insurance Association

This is a great reminder for all Texas Costal Property owners.   TWIA, and all other insurance companies decline new or additional protection when there is impending storm.  Some stop when a storm is declared a Hurricane and others may stop sooner based on their personal preference.  Call Ed Cantu Insurance now at (361) 991-1493 to secure your windstorm protection.

Because we Care,

Ed Cantu

P.S.  When it comes to flood insurance, impending storm or not, there is a 30 day waiting for Flood Insurance Protection to go into force so if you don’t have protection, NOW is the time to secure a policy.

P.P.S. Share this vital information with someone you care for… I just did!