Are You and Your Home Ready For The Big Freeze?

Attention Corpus Christi and the Coastal Bend Homeoweners:

Brace yourselves for the impending freeze! As the icy grip of winter tightens its hold, it’s crucial to take action now and fortify your home against the chilling onslaught. Don’t let the freezing temperatures catch you off guard – be proactive, prepare this weekend, and shield your home and finances from the potential havoc wreaked by ice, snow, and biting winds.

Unprotected Frozen Water Pipes!

Here are 10 Vital Steps to protect your home and family before the freeze hits:

  1. Keep it Warm: Make sure your home is at least 65 degrees. Keep it cozy!
  2. Faucet Drip Trick: Let your faucets, hot and cold drip a little – it helps stop pipes from freezing.
  3. Pipe Cover-Up: Insulate and cover your pipes outside, including crawl spaces, unheated rooms, garages, and exterior walls.
  4. Open Your Cabinets: Open the doors of your cabinets in the bathroom and kitchen so the warmth can get in.
  5. Check Heating sources: Make sure your fireplace, stoves, and heaters are working fine.
  6. Flue Fortress: When you’re not using your fireplace, close the fireplace flue to keep the cold out.
  7. Snow and Ice Cleanup: Keep your sidewalks and entry clear of snow and ice.
  8. Watch for Ice Dams: Look out for ice dams near where the water comes out from your gutters.
  9. Trim Broken Branches: Get rid of weak or broken branches that might fall because of snow and ice.
  10. Claims Shield: Keep your insurance claim’s phone number ready in case you need it. Be ready to file a claim and protect your assets if you suffer significant damages.


Please Share this crucial information with those you hold dear – knowledge is power, and preparation is the ultimate shield against winter’s wrath.


Because we care, we’re arming you with the tools to weather the storm,

Ed Cantu